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22. října 2008 v 13:32 | greenei |  News

first bloggie blog

Hey everyone, Used fans! I know its a little late in the game to be starten bloggen but whatevs right? just about every lamo i meet is either a blogger or a dj or both and since you're reading this its fair to say were lamo lame (i know we suck big ) take em to the chorus... Things are actually great right now, weve got around 18 songs recorded with music and 10 finished with vocals. Berts headed to the studio tonight to drop some more knowledge. We've had so much fun recording this album, taking it easy and creating new sounds and ideas. Alot more abrasive stuff and darker imagery. As some of you might know we're working with a new producer this time around and its been a great new step for us. His name is Matt Squire, he's one hell of a jewbe i tell ya. just google this schmoog and you'll see he's knee deep in shit we call rock and roll. he rocks and rolls and rides the fadaz drrty. *as a side note-Matt has been very patient with our difunctionality and we appreciate it buddy.
So what else...EVERYTHING. This year has been a big one for us. After being kicked around and "used" by a lot of people in the industry for a long time who I wont name, we have a new family helping us move forward and make what happens in vegas. We're blessed to have great people surrounding us and supporting us, we can't wait for you to hear our new jimmys.
Jeph and Dan are in Utah, Bert and I are in Cali baby. I'm working everyday on new ideas, emailing them to D and then he'll overdub electric drums on them and send em back. Its a cool process were getting "used" to. Garageband is fun, am I right ladies? okay if i don't end this i'll start rambling...keep checkin back, i hope to update everyday or other day. Taketh care and fuck voting. just kidding but seriously fuck voting. not really. -Quinn


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